Why Altos

Altos Partners takes a fresh and welcomed approach to private equity. We do not just seek investments but look to discover businesses with tremendous potential with passionate leaders. We consider it a privilege to work with companies that challenge convention and seek new ways to become or advance as a leader in its market.
From the very beginning, we clearly communicate and reinforce our focus when partnering with a business:

  • We focus on the most meaningful ways to add value.
  • We remain transparent on our process.
  • We protect and enhance the company’s culture.
  • We stay true to our word and remain committed to our promises.
Our core values are at the foundation of everything we do. We purposefully chose action-based phrases because it is only through doing that, we can ensure our values remain a reality:

Do the right thing.

We operate with full transparency and seek businesses that value strong ethics and business practices. Our culture is one of mutual respect and collaboration and want to do what is best for all – not just for our team’s benefit.

Deliver excellence.

We are never content with the status quo. Success requires constant analysis and adjustment of business practices. We provide the tools, knowledge and financial backing to our partner businesses to remain the industry leader in their field.

Remain accountable.

We believe in doing more as it is our obligation to help the partner businesses overcome challenges and find new opportunities to grow. We stay engaged and take ownership over the work that is needed to help the businesses grow.

Embrace change.

We know change is never easy, but we work diligently to always understand the best path forward and are willing and nimble to course correct based on what is happening in the market. We are thoughtful and calculated risk takers that understand being innovative always means planning for what may come ahead.