In each investment, Altos professionals and operating partners will lead the due diligence process and, post-closing, execute a defined plan to grow the company and create value.

Top Caliber Executive

Our operating partners have previously executed growth strategies for larger and more complex businesses.

Partnership-Style Transactions

Altos has flexibility in structuring its transactions via preferred and common equity and in the size of equity investment.

Path to Value Creation

We facilitate defined strategic improvements, led by our experienced operating partners, that often include improving operating performance through growing revenue, improving working capital and asset utilization, enhancing the company with add-on acquisitions, developing the management team, and creating a value-add board of directors.


Our capital structures align the interests of company owners, management, co-investors, and Altos principals.

Altos principals invest substantial personal liquidity into each company to complement our institutional funding sources. In addition, we encourage owners to roll-over significant equity to align incentives. We also create equity incentive programs for management to tie their outcomes with those of the company.

Altos also brings co-investors into each opportunity, many of whom have significant knowledge of the portfolio company’s industry. If you are a current investor with a request or would like to learn more about becoming an investor, please contact Ryan Franco at or Stenning Schueppert at

Please note that Altos can work only with Accredited Investors and Qualified Purchasers, as defined by U.S. securities laws. These types of investors are highly sophisticated with considerable financial resources. Altos is prohibited from offering its products to the general public under applicable securities law regulations."