Every opportunity is unique, so we customize our approach and process to fit the needs of that potential partnership. We explore hundreds of prospective businesses each year. Our priority always remains on finding the best fit even if that means we only invest in one or two businesses each year. While we are flexible in terms of the size of business, we typically partner with companies that have under $75 million of revenue and over $2 million of earnings.

To demonstrate our commitment to the businesses, Altos’s partners put
significant personal liquidity into each company, so its future and success are intertwined together.








After identifying businesses that share the same energy, interest, and values as Altos, we move forward to not only learn more about the business, but the people who run and manage the company. People are truly our greatest investment, so we look to forge a relationship early and foster that partnership even before the closing. We value leadership at the local level and will play our part to make sure it is effectively installed to ensure the departing seller’s legacy or strengthen the existing team as needed.

A business can expect honesty, transparency, and clear communication every step of the way.


Typically, when a private equity company buys a business, their availability is limited only to quarterly Board meetings and do not provide additional support - but naturally expect results in terms of profit and growth.

Once the Altos Team closes on the business, we stay involved and engaged. Our team remains accessible with resources and knowledge while empowering management to drive the business forward. We overcome challenges as a team and equally celebrate together the wins that the business achieves. We do not look to micro-manage as we trust the management team in place with their expertise and dedication. In the event the management team retires at the point of the transaction (founder, family-owned), Altos taps into its vast network of professionals to find the best fit for the business.